The only interfaces I can find with ADAT cost more than I am willing to spend, and have a lot of features and inputs that I do not need.

Ideally this would be a simple USB/FIREWIRE/PCI device with 1 ADAT input and output.

Support for at least WinXP would be a must.

Somthing in the $0-100 range.

  • Off topic, but you might want to consider the Behringer ADA8000 and connect the analogue signal to your PC. I don't know any other ADAT solutions below $100...
    – agtoever
    Feb 26 '15 at 23:16

I'd say the cheapest FireWire/ADAT interface would be M-Audio's FireWire 1814, still exceeding your budget though ($300), unless you'll buy second hand.

alt text

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