My primary server is setup as a Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

I have another server running Windows Server 2012 Standard and I would like to show it via the Dashboard that I get from Essentials. I see that there is a connector for Windows 7/8 clients, but is there an equivalent for servers? I have already joined the server to the domain.

Server Essentials Dashboard


Just run the connector. It will place the server in the console.


Although I haven't done this myself, I may be able to point you to some useful articles.

The procedure as described in this article may help (although for 2008 R2) :
Remote Desktop Services in Windows 2008 R2 – Part 3 – RD Web Access & RemoteApp.

It describes how to use the Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration to configure each RD Session Host Server that will become a farm member in the RD Connection Broker.

The article No farm apps in RD Web Access also contains lots of useful links.

Just to remark that my own attempt to use Windows Server 2012 Essentials terminated with my going back to 2008 R2.

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