I use fake email addresses a lot when filling out test forms, and I've got an AHK snippet that spits out the @mailinator.com part of an email address for me when I hit ``m`:


The problem is that I have to hit space between the username part of the email address and my backtick key combination, or else AHK doesn't recognize that I'm trying to trigger a replacement. I want to be able to type joeuser[backtick]m instead of joeuser[space][backtick]m and get joeuser@mailinator.com.

I know this is a minor, silly trivial thing (and I've got a temporary workaround that uses a {Backspace} to remove the space), but the workflow makes much more sense to me without the space.


Sounds like you are looking for the ? option:

? (question mark): The hotstring will be triggered even when it is inside another word; that is, when the character typed immediately before it is alphanumeric. For example, if :?:al::airline is a hotstring, typing "practical " would produce "practicairline ". Use ?0 to turn this option back off.

So, like this:



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  • The AHK documentation is rather dense, so thanks for pointing that out to me. Works perfectly! – Curtis Gibby Nov 30 '12 at 19:45

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