I have the following afflictions:

  1. I code on a netbook and
  2. I don't like to have to leave a single browser window.

Generally, this creates no problems; I have Chrome's Secure Shell loaded in one tab to access vim and the page I'm working on in a tab next to it. When I go to use Developer Tools, however, I either have to dock it to the page (not good on a netbook) or open it in a new window (not desired).

Does anyone know of a way to get DT to open in its own tab?


I’m afraid that’s not currently possible/supported. You’ll notice that if you right-click on the titlebar of an undocked DT window, the Show as tab option is disabled. Further, dragging the window around does not trigger any of the typical docking or window-merging functions because a DT window is somewhat specially handled.

You could theoretically hack the menu to enable it, but that would likely result in undefined/unpredictable behavior. You could also compile your own version of Chromium if you are up to it, but your best bet is to just request it since it does not seem to have been brought up yet (the closest reported issue is about docking to the right which was closed).

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