I'm using Chrome and Gmail. When I download stuff from the web, Chrome automatically puts it in Downloads, which is fine. However, I'm aware that everything I download from Gmail is in the cloud anyway and so I don't really need it taking up space on my hard drive as well.

Is there a way to have Gmail attachements automatically download to a different folder, say, Downloads\Gmail? That way I could regularly purge the ones that won't be useful for a while. (Yes, I'm aware that Word documents and the like often get changed after they arrive, I'm more focused on images, pdfs, and zip files.)

I'd be quite happy with a background problem quietly scanning downloaded file and performing actions based on where they are from...


I'm afraid you'll have to do that manually if you're using Chrome. You can change settings so that Chrome always asks you where to save a downloaded file though. Documentation.

Using Firefox, it seems the Automatic Save Folder addon might help you:

This extension allows you to specify different save folders according to filters based on the filename and/or domain.

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  • +1 for solving the problem exactly, shame it's not quite the browser I was looking for :( – Joe Dec 4 '12 at 12:37
  • @Joe: Firefox is the king of customizability. But I understand why you prefer Chrome. – Gruber Dec 4 '12 at 13:09

Yes I think you can download a lot of images, links, audio & video (HTML 5) etc from the web and save it to GDrive using Chrome with the Chrome extension called Save to Drive.

It will add an option to the right click contextual menu that lets you send items directly to your Google Drive. A notification will be sent to your desktop when the item has been succesfully saved (depending on its size)

A review of it was carried out on November 26th 2012 for Addictive Tips which can be read here:


Its link in the Chrome Web Store can be found here:


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