I installed Git and GitHub for Windows and then I installed Vim, but I get errors - E433 No tags file, E149 No help for help.txt

I read the following:

This is symptomatic of having installed msys-vim-bin, but not having installed msys-bin->doc; you don't get the help, without installing the documentation. I've observed the same >symptoms; the help system works fine for me, after running 'mingw-get install msys-vim-doc'.

so I installed msys-vim-doc, msys-vim-lang and msys-vim-bin, but the problem stays. Another strange thing is that when I open gvim, there is no menu (the menu where are File, Edit, View...). I tried bringing it back but again - no result.

Do you have any ideas how to fix this? Thank you very much in advance! :)


The helpfile called helphelp.txt in my Win32 GVim installation has this to say about helpfiles:

When no argument is given to |:help| the file given with the 'helpfile' option will be opened. Otherwise the specified tag is searched for in all "doc/tags" files in the directories specified in the 'runtimepath' option.

So if you enter

:echo &helpfile

you should see where your Vim expects to find the help-file.

:echo &runtimepath

will list the locations where Vim will look for a doc subfolder containing the help files.
(Mine are in C:\Program Files\vim\vim73\doc)

If the installation of msys-vim-doc put the documentation somewhere not listed in &runtimepath, you will have to add that location to your runtimepath, by putting something like this in your .vimrc

set &rtp+=/parent/of/the/docs/dir

On reflection, since your menus are missing too, I suspect that your runtimepath or the directories if refers to are completely hosed. Is there also something like an msys-vim-runtime package that you need to install?

If all else fails, you could download the source tarball from www.vim.org, extract it and then

make install

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