I am using syntax highlighting scripts found from here. I am using java.vim, javacc.vim, html.vim and c.vim. But I am getting a long line under some keywords like this --

enter image description here

Moreover, those syntax highlighting scripts are saved in my ~/.vim/syntax folder and I am not sure, if the vim is using them from the .vim/syntax/ folder or from /usr/share/vim/vim72/syntax/, how to fix it and how to force the vim to load the syntax highlighting scripts from .vim/syntax/ folder?


For the problems with the highlighting, try to reproduce without any other configuration and plugins, and then send feedback to the syntax plugin author. He's in the best position to fix this.

Unless you've messed up your 'runtimepath', scripts from ~/.vim are preferred over the system-wide ones. Check

:set runtimepath?

In the output of :scriptnames, your user-local script should be sourced before the system-wide one. (The inclusion guard in each script ensures that the following scripts are not active.)

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