I have a server which I am testing for functionality (not load, not stress) with tsung. 50 users / second, 100 total users. Judging from tsung (tsung is the testing framework) graphs, there TCP connections (red line) drops to 0 while the commenced user sessions (green line) does not. Server logs show nothing to be gripping onto, so I am speculating some kind of TCP issue. Should this be the case ? Where would I look further on the server, any logs / tools to be looking at ? Only SSH available, no GUI.

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> root@XMPP:~# cat /etc/lsb-release  

Thank you

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    lets say your computer from which you are connecting to tested computer has address Use tcpdump to trace if any traffic exists while you use tsung. You should exclude the traffic you create with your ssh session. For example tcpdump src not and dst not This will show you each packet being sent. If you do not want such detailed information use iftop which will show you connections, traffic level and link stats. Additionally use netstat -patn | grep "ESTABLISHED" to see all active connections.
    – mnmnc
    Dec 7 '12 at 10:29

You can confirm the status of current TCP connections using netstat:

sudo netstat -antpo

Especially interresting should be the TCP sessions in ESTABLISHED state.

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