I have a lynksys WRT120N wireless router that was connected to Sterlite ADSL modem. The internet connection was working fine through wireless access. I changed the ADSL router because it developed some power issues and got it replaced with the same model/brand from the service provider. However I am not able to access internet now. Here is the current setting

Sterlite SAM300 XA

IP Address: (I changed it to this IP because the IP address of my ADSL router was same)

Lynksys WRT120N wireless router

IP Address:

If I connect my laptop to ADSL router directly, the internet works fine. It is only that that if I access it wirelessley through wireless router that I am not able to connect to internet.

The IP address setting has been configured to obtain IP address automatically. I have windows 7 OS home edition.

Could someone please help me to fix this issue.


Your two routers are on different sub networks, you need to give them both IPs in the 192.168.1.X range. What you wanted to do is set the Sterlite to and the Linksys to

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