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Star Wars: The Old Republic apparently decided that my screen res should be 1680x1050 at 75hz. I have an older monitor that doesn't support that refresh rate. I fixed this problem within the game, but subsequently I alt-tabbed out of the game to the desktop & it reset me to those settings. Now my monitor shows a blank screen with "out of range" in Windows, and these settings persist even through a reboot. I booted into safe mode, but of course while there, I can only change the settings for the default driver. How can I get my machine back into a usable state?


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One way is to do it using the keyboard:

  • Press Win-M to show the desktop
  • Right click
  • Press C
  • Press Alt-R
  • Press the down arrow a number of times (ten or more)
  • Press RETURN
  • Press Alt-A

Now, hopefully you should have adjusted down the resolution to make the image visible and should be able to adjust it to your liking.

  • That is very clever -- except that I have a large number of icons on my desktop & might very well hit one of them. Commented Dec 9, 2012 at 17:43

You might have to uninstall your graphics driver from safe mode, boot back up with the default driver, and install your good drivers again. A bit brutish, but it should work.

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