I'd like to create a Search Folder in Outlook that only contains mails from people outside of my company. It's a Mailbox on an Exchange server, and my naive approach was "'From' 'doesn't contain' '@mycompany.com'", but that doesn't work, it looks like it's only matching the Display Name.

Is there a way to filter this to only have external mail shown in a Search Folder?


Take a look at Scott Hanselman's post, specifically the section on "Processing External Mail with an Outlook Rule". While he's using rules to filter to a folder, you can do something similar. Either translate it directly to a search filter, or use the rule to apply a category to the email and then search off the category.

  • Please can you include the key parts of that link in this answer. If the link breaks, this answer is worthless. – Duncan Jones May 30 '17 at 10:05

I don't know if you ever found an answer for this issue but I did.

Here's the direct link to the blog article I found. It has to do with exposing an e-mail property and sorting/filtering by that. I hope this helps you or someone else.


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