I was trying to allow for my server to use the RewriteEngine in an .htaccess file so I went into /private/etc/apache2 and tried to edit the httpd.conf file, but did not have permission.

So I duplicated it, made my edits then saved to Desktop.

I then moved to the httpd.conf file into the same directory as the old. It did not ask me to replace. I then deleted the old file, and now my computer will no longer connect to localhost server.

What should I do to remedy this?

I notice that there is a httpd.conf.bak file in the same directory which appears to be a backup with system and wheel group privileges. I'm not sure how I restore httpd.conf with this while retaining system and wheel group privileges.

Thank you for any help that you can give me. I'm not familiar in this area at all.


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you can change the owner and group of any file from the console with the chown command:

$chown system:wheel http.conf

Depending what you're doing you might need to execute this with sudo, as in:

$sudo chown system:wheel http.conf

which will ask you for your password, assuming you are the administrator of your own system.

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