When I try to click on the Google g+ button (found on some sites alongside Facebook Like and Twitter Share et.al), I am told that this requires 3rd party cookies, which I always disable in all browsers I use; this is non-negotiable.

What do I put into the hostname pattern in the cookie and site data exceptions in Google Chrome to enable g+1 without enabling anything else?

Temporarily enabling 3rd party cookies just to click on g+1 is, obviously, not a good solution.


I had the same issue and found on a google forum that you needed to enable plus.google.com, plusone.google.com and google.com.

This worked for me. I was still getting issues with the site not being publicly available, watch for that.

In Chrome I ended up adding the URL pattern :

  • I don't trust google enough to enable all their cookies; OTOH, they might be using this cookie scheme specifically to make sure that if I want to enable g+, I have to enable all their cookies. – sds Dec 17 '12 at 19:46
  • Could be. Wether we trust of not. I think at the end of the day it's up to the users using the website. You could very well have the +1 not working on your browser, but if it's working for your users, then everyone's happy. Anywho. Google will own the world pretty soon anyways. – blo0p3r Dec 18 '12 at 14:58

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