rpmbuild will scan Perl modules to find Perl dependencies, but it doesn't understand optional modules and its generated Perl module requirement list will often be wrong. How can I turn this feature off just for Perl dependencies, but leave the rest of the automatic features on? I've tried AutoReqProv: no but that appears to turn off all automatic dependency and provides scanning.

This is on CentOS 5.8 using RPM


If you want to exclude specific file or dir from scan path for dependencies, try something like this:

%filter_requires_in %{_datarootdir}/%{name}/extra

You can use following macros:

  • %filter_from_requires
  • %filter_requires_in

These are all macros from 'redhat-rpm-config' RPM package. For more information take a look in a file:


There are all global macros defined, you could define them to something that does nothing. Otherwise it will be most likely in the generic macros in the same directory.

  • Thanks, I will give that a shot next time I build that rpm.
    – Schwern
    Jan 16 '13 at 4:01

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