I want to make sure that all the tabs that I've pinned will stay pinned at the correct page. In Google Chrome, is it possible to prevent the URL of a pinned tab from being changed (so that clicking on any link from a pinned tab will open the link in a new window, instead of changing the pinned tab's URL)? I sometimes navigate to other pages from pinned tabs, thus losing the tab that was supposed to be pinned.


If you simply wish to restore pinned tabs when starting up Chrome, simply add the parameter --pinned-tab-count=5 or any number you prefer. Further details from this article.

If you want to always restore a set of tabs to specific URLs that does not change, a better option is to bookmark that set of tabs. Right-click on any of the tabs, and click on Bookmark all tabs. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + D. Restoring the tabs is as easy as right-clicking on the bookmark folder and selecting Open all bookmarks.

Another alternative for you to save your browsing session is to use an extension such as Session Buddy, where you can edit individual tabs for your session.

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