Using office 2013. I'm working on big Word document. There are bunch of common words. The problem is, I wonder if it's possible to suggest words from inside this document while you type (on the fly)? can't find any tutorial or help about this. Even excel has this functionality. Maybe some plug-in or something like that? any suggestions?


What you are looking for was a great feature found in Microsoft Word 2003. For some reason they dropped it in Microsoft Word 2007 only to bring it back in Microsoft Word 2010. I can only assume this feature still remains in Word 2013.

Firstly make sure that Show AutoComplete suggestions are enabled: Click File -> Options -> Advanced -> Editing Options -> Tick Show AutoComplete Suggestions.

You will need to add your common words as Auto Text in order for them to appear in auto correct:

Highlight the word or phrase you want to add. Let's say this text is "AutoComplete".

  1. Click the Insert menu.
  2. Choose Quick Parts.
  3. Click AutoText and from the drop down menu select Save Selection to AutoText Gallery.
  4. Give it a name, this will be the first few letters you want to type in order for Microsoft Word to suggest the saved text instead. Normally you will make this the same as the text you are saving. You should be able to leave the rest of the options as they are.
  5. Press OK to finish.

Now when you want to write out the word "AutoComplete" you can just type "auto" and a little pop up bubble will show you the full word and ask to press enter if you want to insert it. Note that you need to write at least the first four letters in order for auto complete to popup.

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    I think the OP was asking for autocomplete not on a predefined set of words, but for any word present in the document – seguso Jan 3 '17 at 13:44
  • Doesn't work for me in Word 2013... (I mean, I have added item to //Auto Text Gallery// and I can click to insert it into text, but the autocorrection feature is not working. And the //Advanced Setting...// is checked out... – Dimitry K Aug 25 '17 at 16:48

Not strictly what you describe, but possibly useful: this macro will autocomplete the current word using the spellcheck dictionary:

Public Sub Autocomplete()

    Dim lastWord As Range
    Set lastWord = Selection.Previous(WdUnits.wdWord)

    On Error Resume Next
    lastWord.Text = lastWord.GetSpellingSuggestions.Item(1).Name
    On Error GoTo 0
    lastWord.InsertAfter " "

    Selection.Move WdUnits.wdWord, 1

End Sub

I assigned it the Ctrl+Space shortcut, so if I type

The quick brown fox jmpd|

... and run the macro, it gets autocompleted to

The quick brown fox jumped |

(Note position of cursor and inserted space)

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