I am an iPhone user and am using Backblaze to backup my files on my PC. iTunes stores iPhone sync data to c:\Documents and Settings\(My Name)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\(hex value). There are normally thousands of .mddata and .mdinfo files and 3 plist files.

Recently, When I did an iPhone system restore, something went wrong. The iTunes screwed up my application data and a wrong state got sync'd back to the iPhone. The old iPhone apps' data are lost on both of the iPhone and the iTunes. So I immediately went to Backblaze web site to restore the iTunes sync data files. Then I am shocked! I don't see the mddata and mdinfo files in the backup! I can only see the 3 plist files there!

Here is the file type exclusion list where mddata and mdinfo are not on it:


What's wrong? Is Backblaze an online backup provider I should trust?


I am the support agent from Backblaze.

I recently asked about this and I have found, that originally this was the case, however, the code that caused this behavior has been removed since before march of 2010.

So we will backup the sync data.

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