I was working on Centos and getting familiar with yum and I would like to know how to know which devices are connected to my network and see their respective IP and Mac address... Any ideas?


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    For IPv6, ping the "all nodes" address: ping6 -n2 ff02::1%eth0 – user1686 Dec 17 '12 at 22:15

To 'scan' the network you can:

  • Try to ping the broadcast address. For IPv4 this is the one ending in all zeros. (e.g. for that would be
  • For Iv6 see the comment from gravity: ping6 -n2 ff02::1%eth0.
  • Or scan the network using nmap. (text based)
  • Or scan the network using zenmap. (a GUI front end to nmap)
  • Or, if they all use DHCP, check the DHCPd logs. In many home networks this is trivially done by logging into the [wireless] router.

[Edit] This is not a complete list. But it should help you get started.

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Using nmap a lot of info can be regarded..

nmap -A -v -v 192.1680.0/24 gives a lot of information, even SO in some cases

nmap -sP gives the MAC and IP adresses. Very Usefull too

sudo nmap -PU explains every ip

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