I have both Ubuntu 12.10 and Win7 installed. I use the former mostly for scientific simulations and the latter for applications.

The problem I came across with this configuration is that the simulations take quite a while, and I'm not satisfied enough with solutions like Wine to run the Windows apps while the simulation runs.

I would rather not install the simulation programs again, since it took quite an effort. So, is it possible to boot the already installed version of Ubuntu from within Windows 7 via VirtualBox or or something else?


VMware workstation allows you boot a VM from a physical disk/partition. I am not sure if virtualbox will do the same.

You have to be careful to make sure that the host OS doesn't have the disk/partition mounted otherwise you could end up with both the host and guest writing to the file system at the same time which will corrupt the data.

In Linux I would make sure it is not mounted and in Windows I would go to the drive settings and remove the drive letter.

Here is a guide on doing this using VMware - http://www.vmware.com/pdf/dualboot_tech_note.pdf


On my current computer I have both Linux and Windows 7 installed on one HDD and I'm able to boot to Linux from Windows using VMware Player 5.

Create a VM with parameters you require and add a new Hard Disk using Use physical disk (for advanced users) and check Use individual partitions - select partitions your Ubuntu installation uses. Depending on your Linux installation's configuration you might have to fiddle around with GRUB, but it should work out of the box.


You can create a boot image from your current system(Ubuntu 12.04) and then put it on a partition.

Use remastersys.


Please read the instruction carefully.

  1. In Firefox, go to :


    save file as text someplace where you can find it.

    1. In synaptic, go to Settings/Repositories; select Authentication tab and Import Key File just downloaded.

    2. Still in synaptic, go to Other Software tab and click Add, then enter the apt line: deb http://www.remastersys.com/ubuntu oneiric main

    4. After adding it, a new apt line will automatically added ended with Source. You need to uncheck it

    1. Leave the repositories tab and "Reload".

    2. Search for remastersys and select for install. Edit/Apply Marked Changes.

Source: Askubuntu

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