Before this, RSS pages were displayed in the browser window with a nice formatting as a content.

On an RSS page, I accidentally checked Always use Live Bookmarks to subscribe to podcasts. and then the Subscribe Now button. (Note that I have a non-default dark theme in Firefox, but this is still just native Firefox.)

RSS before

Now every time I visit the RSS page, the content is not displayed, and all I get is a dialog titled Subscribe with Live Bookmarks.

RSS after

I searched on the Internet, and I found that I should go to the Tools menu (in F10 or Alt + T), select Options, then on the Applications tab I should filter to Web Feeds and set it to Preview in Firefox.


Now here is my problem. I still only get the dialog titled "Subscribe with Live Bookmarks". I've tried to disable all Add-ons from the Help menu and start Firefox in safe mode, but it didn't help. I've even tried to delete the live bookmark I added, but it didn't help neither.

My Firefox version is 17.0.1, I'm running on Windows XP pro SP3 32-bit, my user is administrator, I have all rights in the Mozilla folder in Appdata, and I have more GB free disk space.

What should I do to make Firefox display the RSS pages again as content, instead of bookmarking?


I found out that in the about:config page (URL/address), if I write "feeds" to the filter, I get several pages that are not on their default settings, but user set.

About settings

I reset them all by right clicking them and selecting Reset all of them.


Now it works! Firefox is displaying RSS pages as content again!

Fellow users or user experience designers may find my detailed struggle useful.

The setting names make it evident that not all RSS go by the name "Web feeds". I probably "should have realized" in the first place that they are called podcasts (as they are that), but, to me, these were always just RSS pages.

I went instead to menu ToolsOptionsApplications again, and wrote "feeds" to the search box. But I got only "Web Feeds". (I've also tried "audio", no luck). I searched then for any entry with an "RSS icon". That's how I realized that "Podcast" and "Video Podcast" is where it must be set, if you use the UI.

The right place

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