Which is combination of keys to open console. I need repair a broken gnome Centos. There should be something like alt+f1 in Fedora?


It depends on exactly how and why it's broken, as well as which stage of the boot process you try it in.

Various things to try:

  • If the brokenness isn't because Xorg is hanging or crashing, you can use the VT Switch keys to switch to a virtual console. This won't work if you have broken graphics drivers, but you may be able to override it and get back to a console anyway if you use the next option. Alt+F2 is a common way to switch out of VT-1 to a console (the reason Alt+F1 doesn't work is likely that your X server may be running already on VT-1). You may also have to add Ctrl to the key combinations if you're in Xorg.

  • If your kernel has support for it compiled-in, you can use Magic SysRq key combination: Alt+SysRq+r (for a standard US QWERTY keyboard; see the wikipedia article for others.) Once you do this, try the VT switch key combo.

  • Try booting into "recovery" or "single" mode: when booting, interrupt GRUB by pressing a key, then edit the kernel command line: remove nosplash, silent, quiet (if they exist) and add single or recovery. This should boot up without Kernel Mode Setting and without trying to start Xorg; you should then be able to login to the command line.

  • Try putting the hard drive into another system (or boot another OS on the same system) and perform appropriate fixes in the config file(s) to get it back to a bootable state.

  • upvoted for adding Ctrl to the alt+f1 or trying to get TTY2 with ctrl+alt+f2
    – Rob
    Dec 19 '12 at 18:00

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