I enabled sticky keys on my mac by going to system preferences,accessibility,enable sticky keys, and I really enjoy this sticky keys function, but there is a very small lag that is noticeable when I am typing really fast.

Basically, if you press any key (say the space bar for example) and then press shift right afterwards immediately, the sticky keys is disabled and the next key you press will not be capitalized.

I recommend you try this because it is very interesting. The only reason it really is a big issue for me is because I speed type on typeracer.com. This is a website where you can increase your typing speed. When you are typing 100+ words per minute many times the sticky keys will not work to capitalize your next character because you are typing so fast and this results in a mistake and a vastly lower typing score. (the reason I don't use shift is because when typing fast shift is hard to time and results in more mistakes which results in worse words per minute score).

Is there any program I can download or any command I can enter in terminal in order to fix this very small lag?


I can reproduce the delay with an Apple Wireless Keyboard. I wasn't sure about it at first, but you only have to press shift immediately after space, and the next key won't be sticky.

KeyRemap4MacBook has its own implementation for sticky keys that doesn't seem to have that issue.

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