I would like to exclude some directories from backup. But not all with specific name - only those lying under specified root directory. With rsync I would use exclude mask like this:


which means that all directories with name directoryToExclude lying below /path/excludeRoot will be excluded.

On the other hand: each directory with name directoryToExclude but lying elsewhere will be included

Is it possible to do it with tar?


That is, unfortunately not straightforwardly possible as the --exclude family of options is not powerful enough.

One approach would be to obtain the list of objects using external program (say find) and then use -T switch to tell tar which files/objects should be included.

Quoting from the man page:

-T, --files-from FILE
  get names to extract or create from FILE

If the filenames contain special symbols (and/or spaces) I would add --null to the tar command line; to generate the list I would also use -print0 with find -- to separate the files/dirs with NUL (\000) character.

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