I would really appreciate some help with this. Running

  1. Windows 2008 R2 EE x64 SP1 with latest updates
  2. Office 2010 X64 (verified) with latest updates

When I create a System DSN with an Excel spreadsheet as the source and click on the "Select Workbook" button, the ODBC Data Source Administrator Window crashes/closes automatically. I tried to do this from the command line, using the following syntax:

odbcconf configdsn "Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)" "DriverId=790|Dbq=C:\temp\DSCOLUMNS.xls|DefaultDir=C:\temp|DSN=DSCOLUMNS|description=yada yada"

and it gives me the following error message

CONFIGDSN Unable to create a datasource for the "Microsoft Excel driver (*.xls)' driver. Component not found in the registry with the error code -2147467259.

seems like this is an architecture mismatch error. but why? I am running x64 everything. please help!


I wonder if you are using the right configuation extension - excel 201o .xlsx instead of .xls? or are you using an excel workbook saved in compatibility mode?


It seems to be missing installation of components. You may try what it is suggested on these two sites:

Error message setting up System DSN: Setup routines not found. Please reinstall drive

"Error 1919. Error configuring ODBC data source" error messages when you run the Setup program for Office

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