I have a bunch of files in the one folder called:



I would like to rename them all to


at the same time.

What is a good way to do this?



You can try ren command in cmd. Firstly, go to the folder that all of your files are in by cd command in Power Shell which is more flexible and powerful.

Dir | Rename-Item –NewName { $_.name –replace “ “,”south_africa_2010_” }

Disclaimer : It's just an example command and I am not responsible for any outcome.

Else, in easy way, you can try this Bulk Rename Utility . and some other ways are here.


From Windows Explorer:

  1. Select all the files in the folder (press Ctrl - A)
  2. Right-click the first file, choose Rename
  3. Type south_africa_2010_photo(1).jpeg
  4. Press Return

Your files will now be named:

  • Interesting approach but with the parens, the result isn't quite what was requested. Also, if there are gaps in the numbers on some of the files, they get renumbered. – Nicole Hamilton Dec 24 '12 at 3:10
  • @NicoleHamilton Thanks for the comment. What do you mean by "gaps in the numbers"? – Lee Taylor Dec 24 '12 at 3:12
  • Suppose you have photo1.jpeg, photo3.jpeg and photo4.jpeg but no photo2.jpeg. photo3.jpeg and photo4.jpeg will get renumbered. – Nicole Hamilton Dec 24 '12 at 3:23
  • @NicoleHamilton - I see. This has never been an issue with me. The date/time of the photos are more important than an arbitrary filename... – Lee Taylor Dec 24 '12 at 3:25
  • 1
    +1. This is very less known feature of Windows Explorer.. – tumchaaditya Mar 24 '14 at 19:58

This kind of thing is a lot easier with a Unix shell on Windows. For example, here's how you might do it either using Cygwin bash or my own Hamilton C shell.

C shell:

foreach i (photo*.jpeg) mv $i south_africa_2010_$i; end


for i in photo*.jpeg; do mv "$i" "south_africa_2010_$i"; done

You could try Massive File Renamer.

This software will allow you to easily rename multiple files and file extensions. It's very fast and simple!

For advanced users and developers, it is possible to use regular expressions.

See it in action: enter image description here


Bulk Rename Utility has a cluttered interface and takes a little getting used to. I recommend File Renamer Basic you can even preview the output before changing the file names and undo right away, here are some screenshots.

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