I've got to work on old computer during christmas and I would like to work on my new computer with Windows 7 remotely using Remote desktop protokol.

Old local computer is running Windows 2000. I installed the microsoft remote desktop client (mstsc) on this comuper. The connection works but I can only choose resolutions with ratio 4:3!!!

New LCD monitor with resolution 1920:1080 is connected to this computer. I would like to run mstsc in full screen mode.

I tried to run it from command line: mstsc.exe /h:1080 /w:1920 I tried editing .rdp file with changed session. But the highes resolution I could get is 1600*1080.

Thanks for any help.


Better option is to text-edit(Open With... Notepad) the .RDP file for resolution (of HOST computer):

desktopwidth:i: desktopheight:i:

It's a plain-text file. You can define the resolution within. Define it for the old computer's resolution. Also make sure the line:

smart sizing:i:1

... is in there, unless you're cool with scrolling-about.

You can generally get RDP to do what you want, just dig a bit (and yeah, initially one wouldn't expect to have to edit .rdp files).

  • has to be noted that you likely can't specify higher than the host computer can provide. generally the video-card specifies, but certain OS/'Windows Server' versions have hard caps. – Solemnity Dec 25 '12 at 11:54

Best option I can think of is to download a Live-CD of some lite Linux distro, and try to connect with it.

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