I've downloaded and stored an index.htm page, and (depending on some criteria of this page) want to use wget to fetch all images, javascripts, css-files etc. a browser would download when displaying the page.

I currently use:

wget --server-response --timeout=120 --base="http://www.example.com/" --force-html --input-file="index.htm"

This works so far but it fetches as well all links defined like a href="/somesubpage.htm". How can I avoid downloading the a href...?


Since wget does not know how to execute javascript you have only 2 solutions :

  • Make a request one the page with your browser and look at webserver logs. Then use wget on each one of the web page element.
  • Use phantomjs..
  • Thanks for your reply. The problem is not executing javascript, I just want to download the javascript. The problem is that wget fetches all links as well which I don't want to (because there are a lot and I want to save bandwidth). – Werner Dec 26 '12 at 18:23

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