I get an Error 530 Permission Denied when I try to access an FTP server on my LAN, even though user&pass are correct. I get 530 when I FTP to it from the same machine, and from another machine on the LAN. How can I solve this error? (Update added below.)

What I want:

  • run an FTP server on a home computer so I can put backups on it from other machines (from same home LAN and also from outside)

What I have:

  • Windows Vista on a home computer
  • DSL connection and dynamic DNS service
  • either one of FileZilla Server or smallftpd,
    • each configured with a user and a public directory,
    • and the service started,
    • and unblocked in the Vista firewall.

Login succeeds when connecting using local IP address, but not when using the dynamic IP.
That would indicate an issue with the router or other kind of DNS-related stuff, but if that were the case then the FTP server wouldn't even respond, would it? It does respond but doesn't accept the login credentials -- I'm stumped!


So you have an FTP running on a Vista machine and you have dynamic DNS setup on your router? You didn't mention if you have port 21 forwarded to the FTP machine.

Also, I have had problems in the past with not being able to connect to a Filezilla FTP, however when I logged in as a local administrator on the FTP machine, other computers could then connect to the FTP.

  • Ha! The missing puzzle piece was to have my DSL router forward port 21 to the pc. Now it works. Since you mention being logged in as admin -- the machine is always on and a user with admin rights is always logged in (hey, it's Windows...). – Torben Gundtofte-Bruun Oct 8 '09 at 5:35

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