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If I’m performing a an upgrade to Windows 8, do I have to have the previous version installed, or is just having the key enough?

I'm planning to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.

I want to know whether or not will I be able to use the Product key I get from upgrade of $39.99 for a clean install later without any hassles?

In other words, is the upgrade key complete in itself for clean installs later or are there any conditions attached?


Does the upgrade need to be done on a PC with Windows already installed? The license terms for the upgrade require upgrading from a valid “genuine” version of Windows. Visit http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/ if you are not certain whether or not your PC has genuine Windows. http://www.windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US/Home/Faq

I did this with the Windows 7 upgrade. I could not do it on a blank drive, it had to have Vista on it. However, after Vista was on it (didn't even have to boot up), I was able to select the custom install, delete and format the partitions and install Windows 7 cleanly. Whether this changed for 8 I don't know, but according to the FAQ you have a to have a qualifying base OS.

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