I need to create a calendar that people can access via iCal so they can add it to their existing calendar application i.e. outlook or there Google calendar. So I could create a calendar in Google Calendar and share the URL.

I want to be able to limit who can have access the calendar. I also want to be able to revoke someone access at a later date.

The users are not all in a one company but spread out. IDeally I am looking for a free solution.

Any ideas?


Up to Dec 6th 2012, you could have signed up for a FREE Google App's account, which would happily do what you ask, going forward new subscribers need to pay per user/per month. If you don't already have an App's account I'd suggest you at least have a play with for the Trial period, as a lot less hassle than running your own alternative.

If you don't have a FREE account to play with, and have no intention on spending any beer tokens, you could spin up a Zimbra or Bedework instance on your own kit or possibly a AWS EC2 FREE tier VM, and integrate it with your own and your partner organisations set-up.


It is possible to share any Google calendar with multiple people and revoke the access individually but it might be easiest if you create a Google Group to share the calendar with then add or remove members of the Group.

After creating the calendar go to Settings/Calendars/Sharing where you will be able to add individuals by email address or an entire Google Group by group email address.

enter image description here enter image description here

Invitees will have to create a Google account using their existing email account if it is not already a Google account. I work with a small fire department that is using a lot of Google products with their team most of whom are not on Google.

  • Can people then display this calendar in there outlook?
    – Pete
    Dec 30 '12 at 9:23
  • I found these instructions for subscribing to a Google Calendar using Outlook 2010. howtogeek.com/howto/18353/… It will only allow you to view the calendar, no changes can be made to the Google Calendar using Outlook.
    – Zooks64
    Dec 30 '12 at 14:55

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