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If I typo my username when ssh-ing, is there a way to go back and change it?

When logging in using PuTTY, I sometimes use a wrong or mistyped user name. PuTTY does not let me re-enter the correct user name (contrary to what the standard linux console does), so I have to close the PuTTY window and start a new one, which is annoying.

How do I configure PuTTY or maybe the underlying ssh session so that I have to enter both user name and password if the login process fails?

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The easiest way to do this is to right-click on the puTTY title and select 'new session'.
(Basically starting anew)

SSH window via puTTY

Just for the record, puTTY behaves the same as GNU/Linux's ssh.

When you log on via the console your try to log in locally. SSh is not used.
When you use ssh from a Linux host or via puTTY both ask again for the password, but keep the username.

PS: you can configure puTTY to store the username in the session. No need to type it, and not chance for typos.

  • Although it appears there is no fix for this problem, the feature to store the user name is useful, didn't know that. – nn4l Dec 30 '12 at 12:02

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