I have been trying to install Oracle Java 7 on Ubuntu 11.04. I was following the instructions given here

Once I followed all the steps ( to the letter ), I tried running

java -version

which gave the expected output. But running

javac -version

did not give the expected output. Instead I get the following error:

Error : Could not find libjava.so
Error : Could not find Java SE Runtime Environment

The environment variable PATH contains both /usr/local/java/jre/bin and /usr/local/java/jdk/bin, LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to /usr/local/lib which contains libjava.so which is currently owned by the user who I am running javac as. In addition, JAVA_HOME points to the jdk folder. Inspite of all this, javac is unable to find the libjava.so file. There are multiple solutions online but none seem to work for me. Even a direct run

/usr/locale/java/jdk/bin/javac -version

results in the same error.

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Which browser might be the question. Such as Chrome is a 32 bit browser. The new Java is a 64 bit app, and when updated, it will not work on a 32 bit browser.

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