I need to autoconfigure network.
Network Manager is removed because I need lightweight system.

After system starts networks doesn't work.

#service networking status
networking stop/waiting

#service networking start  
networking stop/waiting

/etc/network/interfaces (eth1 isn't mistake)

iface eth1 inet static

But if i type

#ifconfig eth1
#route add default gw

networking works

Why it doesn't configure interface eth1 automaticaly after boot?


(This assumes that you are running Mint, and that Mint didn't change anything from Debian on this matter)

You need an auto line:

auto eth1

Otherwise, the interface will not be handled by the init.d/networking script.

This way, the interface is started when networking is started, reconfigured if networking is reloaded/restarted and stopped when networking is stopped.

Alternatively, for hotplugged devices, you can use :

allow-hotplug eth1

This way, the device will be configured when it is plugged and unconfigured when unplugged. If the device is already plugged at boot, networking will start it, but will not touch it when networking is stopped/restarted/reloaded

Oh, and by the way, ifconfig is deprecated. I hope that your ìfupdown package is recent enough to use ip (from the iproute2 package) instead.

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