After I played some ol' skool games like Age of Empires I, Google turned up with bold font in Firefox (any version). I'm running Windows 7 x64, and application restart or system reboot isn't helping.

How do I fix it?


The problem is often caused by hardware acceleration, which causes the application to render some fonts in bold. It can also be the result of compatibility problems with the current operating system.

I found two possible solutions:

  • Enable Windows compatibility mode for Firefox;
  • Disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

Both possible solutions are described here.

Disabling hardware acceleration solved my problem.

  • Just a comment to other readers: make sure to re-enable hardware acceleration if this does not fix your issue. Hardware acceleration can dramatically improve the rendering speeds of few sites. – Wk_of_Angmar Dec 31 '12 at 2:14

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