I was going through the remote management settings on my Zyxel NBG-460N router, making sure they were not available through the WAN port, when I stupidly without thinking disabled the WWW remote management. I can still login through telnet utility, but cannot find any documentation for that for the NBG-460N.

So, do anyone know how to enable the WWW remote management through the telnet utility for the NBG-460N or know of any CLI manual that is compatible?

If you know how to do this on other zyxel routers, please submit that as well, it could give some hints on doing it on the NBG-460N even if they don't work exactly the same, or if nothing else, it might help some other poor soul...


The OP stated these commands worked:

sys server load
sys server access http 0
sys server save

sys server disp

The load and save commands should enclose any access command.

Other formats for this command (based on the CLI version)

sys server access [ftp|telnet|web] [access type]

Set the server access type to be 0: ALL, 1: None, 2:LAN only, 3:WAN only
sys server access web 0


sys server access [telnet|ftp|ssh|http|https|icmp|snmp|dns]
       [lan|wan1|wan2|dmz|wlan] [on|off]
sys server access http lan on

Using sys server disp initially may give you a clue what the command should look like. Refer to the CLI guides here and here.

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