I feel like this must be so simple that I will be shunned from the site in contempt, but how does a USB-to-DVI adapter connect to a monitor when its male end is USB (plugs into computer) and its female end is DVI (somehow connects to monitor)?

Every monitor I've seen has a female port, and as far as I know, lesbian relationships aren't allowed between cord and port.

All these adapters clearly have female DVI ends.

No one in the numerous reviews for these products seems to mention using an additional adapter to convert female to male, if that were even an option.


Generally they're adapters, not all-in-one cables. You plug a standard dvi cable from the adapter into your monitor. Most modern monitors come with such a cable. Otherwise, you will have to pick one up. Remember, they're -adapters-, not -cables-. Generally expect to use an additional cable with an 'adapter' of any sort. Something to watch for.

  • There's that obvious answer I was missing. I expected everything needed to come with the adapter (because a USB to HDMI cord did come with it) and didn't think it through. Thanks. – Devin Burke Jan 3 '13 at 4:11
  • 1
    No problem- they don't like advertising that you may need something else. It's been more than once that I've been burned ;) – Solemnity Jan 3 '13 at 4:20

Those adapters are not made to plug directly into a display.

Most devices (input or output) will have a female port, and thus the cables are typically male-to-male.

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