I have a chat client application. When I connect to internet & chat with other person via that application, the application uses the IP of my ISP to connect to internet & transfers data via that IP. Can I use a specific proxy address such:( to force that chat application to connect to internet & to transfer data via this IP ?

Here This is the IP: & this is the port: 3128

Note that: If we want, we can use proxy address in our browser to connect to internet.

So, can i use the same system for the chat application so that it will transfer data via that proxy IP ? If yes, Please tell me how ?

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You can use http://www.proxycap.com/ this allows you to add a program, and apply a rule to specific proxy

  • Ah, good old memories. Was using this years ago to tunnel online games via a specific route for a lower ping.
    – nixda
    Aug 16, 2013 at 13:50

It is possible if the chat application has option to to use a proxy in its settings. If not , you can use the proxy server using proxify (http://proxify.com/launchpad.shtml) or similar applications.

or you can set up a vpn connection which is more secure .

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