I want to connect my virtual Debain server to the LAN via a bridged network. The virtual bridged network is configured in the VMWare Virtual Network Editor (VmNet0 - Bridged), the right NIC has been selected by me - so its not set to auto-bridging.

My problem now is, that this setup worked for me until a switch was plugged between my workstation (that is running the VM) and the router. (It used to work with the setting Custom - Specific virtual network: VMNet 0 - selected in the virtual machine settings)

What changed need to be done to get this or a similar configuration working - with the switch.

So my goal is to give the virtual server its own IP - so that I can access it from any of my local PCs...

Thanks in advance for all tips!


In the end it turned out that the firewall of my host computer somehow "magically" changed its configuration - after a certain number of ingoing connections I guess.

At the same time I started using the switch. So these two events collided by accident...

Sorry for your time!

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