I am trying to make it so only the last 2-3 windows that I touched remain open, as soon as I open a 3rd/4th window it should minimize the 1st one, and so forth.

This it to help keep clutter and distraction off of my desktop.

Would be even better if I could somehow keep them out of the taskbar or put them all into one taskbar item regardless of type when they are hidden...

Please don't recommend using a Spaces clone for multidesktop because that does not help me either, then I just end up with desktop after desktop full of windows.

I need a way for this to happen automatically so I can just keep working quickly switching from one thing to another.

Would be cool if it could even shut down programs that I allow it to shutdown.

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Try TaskTop. It may or may not do exactly like you wanted. But since you want to solve your management problem(s), this may help.

Tasktop Pro is the supported, enterprise-ready product built on Eclipse Mylyn with additional productivity features and connectors. Tasktop Pro extends task focus to your time tracking, web browsing, desktop documents and includes connectors to Mingle, ScrumWorks Pro , Firefox, Google Apps, Outlook, and more.

  • Commercial. Free trial available.

I found MinimOther which partly does what you want. It automatically minimises all but the current window. I've not used it, but as it's written with autohotkey it may be customisable to 3 windows?


The only that's built-in in Windows 7 is Aero Shake.

Just shake your current window and all other windows get minimized.

It's the closest you can do without an additional tool.

  • It only keeps 1 window "un-minimized", not 2 or 3 as requested.
    – Snark
    Dec 27, 2009 at 10:50

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