I currently work in an organisation which is mostly Windows users but there are some including myself using Linux here.

We have a shared storage drive which we use for sharing files between us and I very often receive emails with a link to a file in the shared storage. Most of these links are sent from windows users and so have a link like Z:\storage\file and so when using windows it is easy to copy into a browser or explorer window or just click a hyperlink. However on linux we can access it using the intranet e.g http://intranet/storage/file or by a mounted folder /media/storage/file.

I'm trying to set up a way to alias Z:\storage\ to http://intranet/storage/ or file:///media/storage/ so when I click a windows link it opens the file instead of having to copy part of the link and type part of the Linux location. Currently I get the error saying

Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (z) isn't associated with any program

which is to be expected when I click one of the windows links.

Is there any way I can achieve this?


You could add a protocol handler to the Z protocol and then in your shell script change the path to as you need it and open using nautilus (or w/e)? Here is a post from someone who details his efforts of doing something similar Using a custom protocol handler in Firefox to run a shell script?.

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