How does one deploy Mathematica applications? It seems that the only option is to use the Mathematica player (http://www.wolfram.com/solutions/interactivedeployment/compare.html). Is this correct?

There is no way to compile Mathematica code into an .exe? I know about MathCode (http://www.wolfram.com/products/applications/mathcode/) but it does not seem to compile the GUI.


You have a few options, all described here: Document and Deploy

To summarize:

  • Through Mathematica Player (which you could see as another type of Flash Player and is thus an executable meant to view Mathematica notebooks).
  • Through a Language API (which allows you to embed Mathematica in your language of choice, provided there's an API for it. For instance, J/Link or .Net/link for Java and C# respectively. You can either use the programming language inside Mathematica, or create applications in the programming language that use Mathematica Kernel and objects.)
  • Through webMathematica (which allows you to deploy to webservers and make your work accessible through a browser equipped with the necessary plugin)

There's a couple more options. But these are the ones more approximate to your requirements.

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