Within my pivot table I currently have cells conditionally formatted- Value=1, Green and Value=0, Yellow. I would like to conditionally format based upon all the values within a row label underneath a column label equalling zero.

Because this is a pivot table, the values will be dynamic as will the number of different column labels and subcolumn labels. I basically don't care if ALL of the items for a given row label under a specific column label = 0, but I want attention brought to the cell if it is the only one (or two or three) underneath a header that = 0.


I am not sure, but perhaps this is the sort of answer you want:

SU530008 example

The default ('yellow') formula is =ISNUMBER(G3) and both rules are applied to All cells showing "Sum of C" values.

Note that as usual, pivot table will need refreshing before changes are 'recognised'.

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