I use a Microsoft Exchange 2010 email server and a Mozilla Thunderbird client. One day I selected a large part of my inbox and mistakenly pressed a keyboard shortcut which (I presume) marked the messages for deletion. The messages, of course, gets deleted. Now, the funny part begins: if I restore the deleted messages using "Recover deleted messages" feature in Outlook, the messages get back to the inbox BUT, as soon as I start my Thunderbird client, it deletes the messages again.

Now, as stated by this kb (http://kb.mozillazine.org/Deleting_messages_in_IMAP_accounts) the messages should have a "deleted" flag, so: How can I clear that flag?

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If you have access to Unix/Linux computer, you could use an utility like imapfilter. This is a useful utility you can configure with LUA config file. You can select your message using different kinds of filters, and then, do actions like moving messages, add/remove flags, etc.

You just have to install it and create a config file (IMAP account and rules). You can see an example for configuring accounts there. Then, you can filter for messages marked as deleted and unmark them.

messagesMarkedAsDeleted = youraccount.INBOX:is_deleted()

Finally, you can launch the program:

imapfilter -c /path/to/config.lua

I discovered this utility on this blog few weeks ago.

Hope this helped.


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