I have a load of figures in a document with standard captions ("figure n: some caption") and would like a table of figures.
However, in the table (not the captions) I don't want the label "Figure" to show at the start of every line, e.g. currently the table shows like so

figure 1....some caption
figure 2....another caption

and so on. I would like as follows

1....some caption
2....another caption

But I have not been able to determine if this is even possible in Word. To clarify the actual captions below each image still need to read "figure n: some caption", only in the table should the label not be shown.


I expected to be able to achieve this with Caption label (none) in Table of Figures but (strangely?) if selected the OK button is greyed out. However, if you select the Table and replace "figure " with nothing I think you should achieve what you are after.

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