In Cygwin on Windows 7, in which directory would you find your iPod or in my case, my SAMSUNG GT-N8103? I didn't see anything in dev that hints where to find it.


All storage devices which get mounted with Windows drive letters will appear beneath /cygdrive/. For example, C:\Windows\ is /cygdrive/c/Windows/ and I:\My Music\ is /cygdrive/i/My\ Music/

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    where is your iPod or Android device? path? – T. Webster Jan 11 '13 at 5:17

you can not find if your phone is connected with MTP connection as cygwin is not a full operating system, does not provide (kernel-mode) drivers for hardware and will not behave like a full UNIX OS will in all cases, as per USB device not recognized in cygwin but if your phone is connected as a mass storage device then you can mount it in Cygwin as

/cygdrive/I(or any letter)/

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