I'm struggling to make sense of graphics card manufacturers' cryptic names and codes for their products.

For example, some cards with a higher number or code in the name are actually less powerful than those with a lower number. Then there are the prefixes and suffixes, and the fact that NVIDIA has an entirely different naming scheme to AMD.

Is there a big list of graphics card models ordered by relative performance? It doesn't have to be a precise benchmark, just an overview so I can get some idea of what is more powerful than what.


Yes, you are looking for this list




There is a new version every 1-2 months

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  • That's brilliant, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! – Mark Bell Jan 13 '13 at 10:18

If you want an ongoing list of video card performance figures then Passmark's Videocard Benchmarks site lists just about every video card out there with an easy ordered list where you can see their relative performance.

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For mobile graphics cards, check out notebookcheck.net's Comparison of Laptop Graphics Cards.

They also have two complementary lists which give more details, about benchmark results and game performance, respectively. Both can also be configured to list desktop cards, which are hidden by default.

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