I use Swedish(Dvorak) as keyboard layout on Ubuntu.

I bought a new keyboard and with the current layout I miss the pipe key. I want to change one of my keys to produce a pipe instead of it's ordinary key. Is there a file that contains all the current mappings? Should I not be able to change for instance keycode X to produce the pipe instead of keycode Y?

I do not mind hard coding the Swedish(Dvorak) file as it is just one row I want to change. I would also not want any hack that requires more software or other dependencies, I just want to change that file.


I had a similar problem and uses xmodmap like that to start bc with ., rather than , in the number block:

xmodmap -e "keycode 91 = period period" && bc
xmodmap -e "keycode 91 = KP_Delete KP_Separator"

The first symbol is for normal key press, the second with shift.

You can use xmodmap in your startup scripts. The symbol for | is bar. Keycode for | is on my (german) layout 94.

You can find out what the keycode for your keys is with xev. It will open a small box and you see the keypress (and mouse) events in the terminal.

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