I used to use Front Row all the time on Tiger. When I walked away from the computer, I could hit the "menu" button on my Mac's remote to get a full screen interface for iTunes that I could easily read from across the room. When I came back, I could just hit a key on the keyboard and Front Row would get out of the way so I could get back to work. I still have the full screen interface on Snow Leopard (and Leopard), but the iTunes integration seems crippled. On Tiger, Front Row would pop up with the currently playing track in iTunes, rather than stopping whatever was playing and making me go through a series of menus to start the music back up. (On the backend, I think this change happened because Front Row was mostly an AppleScript wrapper for iTunes in pre-Leopard versions.)

I'd really like to have the old functionality back -- without it, Front Row seems practically useless. I'm fine with using the old version itself, if there's a way to do that.


Update: Found a relevant thread on MacRumors, but the extracted Front Row.app doesn't seem to do anything (visible) on Snow Leopard.

Update 2: My bad -- it does work! For some reason, I thought it would work without copying to /System/Library/CoreServices/, but that's not the case. As they mention, make sure to back up the newer version that you overwrite if you try this. I'm on a MacBook2,1 OS X 10.6.1, just for others' reference.

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