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I have problem with fully disable UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 8. I've never had such problems in Windows Vista, or Windows 7 - just have to disable UAC in Control Panel, reboot, and that's it.

Ok, step by step:

I've just make one account, during installation - account "Namek". In "Control Panel -> Accounts" I see only one account "Namek", and next to the avatar picture, it's:

Local Account


cmd -> net users

there are:

Administrator   Guest   Namek


cmd -> net users Administrator


cmd -> net users Namek

the only difference are: Comment - in Administrator it's built-in, in Namek it's empty Account active - Administrator no, Namek yes Password required - Administrator yes, Namek no (because during Windows 8 installation I left password empty).

So I started with:

Control Panel -> Accounts -> Family Safety section

and set slider to value:

Never notify

reboot, and now, I've problem when for example I try to save anything, using Paint, directly on C:\ drive. It says:

You don't have permission to save in this location.
Contact the administrator to obtain permission.
Would you like to save in the My Pictures folder instead?

Ok, I've read some tutorials on the Internet, and I see that the case isn't as easy as in Windows Vista, or Windows 7 -> just disable UAC in Control Panel... so next step:

In gpedit.msc, I have already set:

Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Security Options ---> User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode

At value:

Elevate without prompting

So i didn't have to changed it.

In regedit:


At value:


I had default 1, so I set it to 0. but again nothing has changed.

On another Windows 8 (on VirtualBox) I've try solution, to acti ve built-in Administrator account, typig: "cmd -> net user administrator /active:yes" and now after start Windows 8 I can login to Administrator account, and now I've got FULLY permissions, but when I'm logout, and login on normal account, with 'administrator' permissions (which I created during installation), I've again problem when for example I try to save anything, using Paint, directly on C:\ drive. It says: "You don't have permission...blabla"

It's annoying, that I always have to right click some program, and click Run as administrator. I do not want to activate in my normal system Administrator account (by net user administrator /active:yes), and work on it, because on Namek account, I've already set a lot of things... Any help, please :(?

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Ok, now I try to check everything again, and I see, that in:




value didn't change correctly. It's still 1. So I again try to set this value to 0, reboot, and now it's 0, and I have fully administrator permission :). It can be useful for someone :).

PS: You can also try to Run as administrator.

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    But have in mind that after changing this in registry, you can not use Microsoft Store, and some apps can not start from start panel. – user276267 Nov 22 '13 at 20:45

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