My local shortcuts (.lnk files) do not execute if the shortcut has any command-line arguments

  • On freshly-installed 64-Bit Windows 8
  • Shortcut worked fine on Windows 7 32-Bit
  • It depends where the shortcut is executed from, however - works if launched directly from Windows Explorer, but not if launched from command line (cmd) or from another file manager called xplorer2
  • Example shortcut in the image, but all others that have arguments in the Target behave the same

cmd kaput after-exe mess

Tried Solutions which Failed

  • Could not find Unblock in the Properties
  • Enable did not help: "The setting I found that was blocking me from opening files on my LAN is “Launching applications and unsafe files” ... from Internet Explorer security settings found under your “Tools” –> “Internet Options” –> “Security” tab –> “Local intranet” or “Internet”
  • Reset did not help
  • Applying the lowest / least secure security settings for the first three security areas did not help either

Why are non-Internet shortcuts blocked / how to unblock them?

I'm at my wit's end before getting frustrated over this issue? :)

  • Could it be that command line or xplorer2 execution launches them with file:// scheme or something?
  • Funnily, the shortcut works if I copy the shortcut under C:\Users\Kristjan\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\

[ For search indexing: Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened. ]

  • Does clicking Show details display any useful information? Is T: a mapped network drive?
    – and31415
    Jan 20, 2014 at 2:42

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You need to disable User Account Control (UAC) http://techzend.com/disable-user-account-control-windows-81/ additionally a software that you run may require cmd to "Run as administrator" first (with a right-click).

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